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I have noted previously how stupid I think these little so-called "street gardens" are, planted in the middle of intersections to screw up drivers, and endanger pedestrians who are no longer visible to drivers through the foliage growing in the middle of the road. They also confuse every driver who meets another vehicle in the intersection, yield right is meaningless when everyone's going around in circles. The one at Jervis and Haro is especially annoying, as the dolt who looked after it planted so much crap it was actually a hazard to everyone using the intersection (refer to NEWS2019, Oct. 5, for comment on the tree removal).

A couple of years ago half of the stupid thing was dug out in order to put in some service line running along Jervis. Then, it was re-built again. Now, the incoming water line project is going to remove the fricking thing in its entirety, see photo above, it will look like the photo below in a week or two. After all of that, city engineering will no doubt build it a THIRD TIME, as if Vancouver is not ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, and as if the city has endless money to piddle away (p.s. don't forget all the other ones they've dug up and will rebuild at taxpayer expense, see image below one block down Haro).

Another expensive formed circular concrete curb, subgrade, "street garden", dirt, etc, ... gone, all gone, along with $$$$$.

And as usual, the COV is b.s'ing us about the water line project, calling it an "upgrade" which it is not. It is a new supply line for all the 60-storey towers that are appearing on Burrard Street ... whether you want them or not! In the meantime thousands of innocent residents of the West End are suffering from construction as a result of this work. And the city has turned Barclay Street into an arterial highway, thanks again Mare for needlessly closing Robson Street. How much did that cost? I see the expensive raised walkway between Hornby and Howe that covered the entire road has been expensively removed down to the original surface ... now it is being re-built again, looks like some fool didn't remember that there was a building envelope underneath it to keep Robson Square dry. Yet another half-baked stupid money-sucking city screw-up done over and over again, with money they don't have.

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