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Completed installation of suicide enhancing fence.

This is part of the latest extremely expensive (and of course traffic enraging) follies by the Mare and his evil forces. They're building a fence, ass seen in photo above, on top of the concrete guardrail of a nearby bridge. This, the Mare thinks, will prevent would-be jumpers from jumping off the bridge. Actually, it simply gives jumpers another 6 or 8 feet of height to jump from. It's easy to climb. Even a little razor wire on top of this would only stop the stupid or quadraplegic (but would give the bridge a cool retro look).

Optionally, those who don't like climbing can now loop any kind of ligature over their choice of hundreds of spikey things, and simply hang themselves anywhere along the bridge. Note, this is not a recommendation or endorsement of such actions, simply an observation. I'm somewhat surprised that all the spikey things don't have fabulous little multi-colour lights twinking and blinking away, but maybe I just haven't seen it at night. Or they need to be sponsored.

Perhaps someone should let the Mare know that when the bridge was officially opened, the city hired a performer to jump off the bridge into False Creek as part of the opening ceremonies, in order to show how safe the bridge was. Afterwards the performer returned to his hotel for dinner where he regaled his audience with the tale. We don't need to put up fences.

There seems to be some kind of public relations frenzy happening on the mare's, er, team, in support of this fence, as if people are jumping off the bridge like lemmings in a peak year of their breeding cycle. On this bridge I have never seen somebody doing so, have not been caught in traffic backed up from an incident, do not remember reading about it in the press, and I do not know anyone who ever has jumped or even thought of doing so, "successfully" or not. If I was caught in some sort of explosion or earthquake event on the bridge where it was either jump or die, I would jump without hesitation and expect to survive (unless the bridge landed on me).

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