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Experiments in self-generating rules in non-representational drawings.

I must confess that I am attempting to achieve aesthetic solutions while remaining strictly non-representational in my explorations of arbitrary visual rule development.

From a similar starting point each drawing spontaneously diverges to become random clouds or strings or clusters ... visual rules form, colours highlight connections, adjacencies, hierarchies.

The circle is used for simplicity as the "seed" symbol on the surface of the paper. The connecting lines infer topology, nuclear and chemical attraction, flows of energy, probability, time ...

We keep asking: "why did this happen, why is life like this?" We have arrived the morning after the party and are trying to figure out what happened last night from the debris left scattered around us.

Perhaps everything is unavoidable - the self-organizing force of the universe ensuring it - and the ability to form a world-sense and ask questions is equally unavoidable yet irrelevant.

I'm drawing these visual experiments in self-organization to see how they develop, and to see if they hold any clues to the answers for the irrelevant questions I am also asking.




Pen & ink, india ink brushpen, prismacolour pencil drawings on paper

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