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What, you might ask, is all of this about? Well, the COV decided that with almost no cars driving around Stanley Park, the road needed to be divided all the way around the park so that bicyclists don't get continuously slaughtered by vehicles, as they presumably were every day until this vital safety measure was put in place. There should be little white crosses beside the road every few feet where a cyclist has gone down. This must be from the desk of the same dolt who brought us the suicide-enhancing fences on the bridges (jump from six feet higher or hang yourself from a spike).

Note that the road is deserted, despite it being a sunny Sunday morning. One bicyclist is off-road on a path right of center. About one vehicle a minute drove by while I was standing in the middle of the road taking pictures (almost suicidal behaviour given the incredibly hazardous conditions), and about two or three bicyclists a minute whizzed by on expensive bikes.

This particular direction sign at Second Beach is meaningless. I stood there for a while, and half the cars went to the left, half stayed right, half the bicyclists went left, half went right. Neither group had any idea whether the arrow was for cars or for bicycles, or both. It squeezes the bike and car lanes into one bike lane on the left, while the parking lot on the right looks like it goes through, although the arrow indicates otherwise. The intersection beyond this is covered with equally confusing signage. How much did all of this cost? And for what? It's incredibly stupid, and goes all the way around the park.

Apparently the city's ability to perform critical reasoning and logical thought is non-existent. With almost no cars, what is there to protect against? The cyclists who go around the park on the road are not babies, they are almost all competitive riders. They ride the road no matter now many vehicles there are, even in previous tourist seasons when the roads were jammed in the summer (and I did too, no worries). This is just another piss-our-money-away needless bunch of crap, brought to us without any of us having any say about it. When was the last time Vancouver had a plebiscite? Yeah, so long ago you can't remember ... these jerks don't want our input, just our money. ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT AND COUNTING ... what's the interest on that debt I wonder? Twenty million dollars a year?

FUN FACT: Both the City of Richmond and the City of Burnaby have more than one billion dollars IN THE BANK. They are not only debt-free, but earn millions of dollars a year from their investments. This income is spent on PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS. I suggest that folks in Vancouver City Hall ask nicely if they can do some financial job shadowing in Richmond or Burnaby City Halls, as this city's financial performance is completely unsatisfactory.

HINT: it would be far more healthy to separate the seawall into two walking lanes, one going in each direction. I was on it Sunday morning, and most folks on it didn't give a hoot about 2m distancing. Packs of joggers run right by you eight inches away, with a blast of sweaty panting breath and b.o. Are we letting republicans into the country? I saw a couple of Alberta plates, but not enough to explain all of them.

IN THE NEWS: CBC reports that horse-drawn carriages are causing traffic jams behind them, because vehicles are unable to pass them in the single lane that they are forced to share. Liars at the city claim they are working hard with "all stakeholders" to provide a "solution" (which will certainly entail nothing but pissing away more money they don't have) but the carriage operator has polled 12 actual stakeholders and not one has been contacted in any way. He suggests that all the crap on the road be removed and the road be returned to 2-lane as it always was. Finally, a voice of reason amidst the city's endless greenwashing and self-indulgent bulltwiddle.

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