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Since a number of my drawings and prints were already on display at the restaurant, I decided it was easiest to take more work down there, and have them do the catering while the guests and I partied. This meant that I could concentrate on preparations for the art show - finish and frame some new pencil drawings for example - and let Chef Rob Guest and his staff look after the food and drink.

I asked my friends Kim Koch and Emma Lehto if they would help me out with the event, and they did a fabulous job all day! The whole thing was a whirlwind of a day, from hauling piles of art and BC Artists material and other stuff down to the restaurant, then setting it up, having the four hour party, then taking it all away again (except for the art, cards, and publications that were sold during the day) at the end of the day.

All photos this page by Kim Koch.

A bit of shameless marketing for the day.

One of the food tables, quail's eggs with caviar, hot snackerels, condiments ...

The Salon in action.

Fruit and cheese platters for nibbling.

Another view of the Salon, main floor dining room.

Artist Enda Bardell and architect Rob Lange in an art discussion.

My friend artist Emma Lehto looking after the book sale table downstairs.

In the past couple of years my book collection has been growing, and one result of the growth has been a pile of books that no longer fit either my collection or my apartment. I was going to try and donate them to the Alcuin Society as a fundraiser, but then decided it would be easier for them if I sold the books and simply gave them the proceeds. The Salon is the first opportunity I've had to try to do that, and the result from the day was $96.00 in sales, which will be a cash donation to the Alcuin Society.

Part of the British Columbia Artists display.

Since I started compiling the BC Artists project I've been maintaining a printout of the entire project. New files are printed and filed in 3-ring binders as the files are created. Files that are continuously updated, such as artist biographies and bibliographies, are reprinted when enough work has been added to make it seem worthwhile doing the printing. The picture above shows the 10 current binders of information that is otherwise contained on the single CD-R on the table. Even a couple of folks who are familiar with the CD were surprised at how big the printout actually is!