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As usual, the evil forces that run the City have a cute little name for how they're continuing to fuck up the roads around town: parklet. Sounds like a chiclet or something nice, doesn't it? No, it's another road closed needlessly and permanently by those idiots, or as many more on-street parking spaces as can be wiped out, and filled with crappy street furniture. I see that some of these expensive installations now "belong" to a business adjoining them, the public can't use them unless you are patronizing the business, the city idiots are trying to get some money back that they have needlessly wasted.

P.S., don't forget that the City of Vancouver is at least ONE BILLION DOLLARS in DEBT ... !!! That is $1,000,000,000.00 dollars. With a city population around 675,000, that means every single citizen of Vancouver including babies owes $1,481.00 or so. By comparison, the City of Richmond has ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the bank, and the City of Burnaby has ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the bank. NO DEBT. Maybe the idiots in Vancouver could take courses in fiscal management from them.

Yet the fiscal mis-managers in City Hall continue to piss away money on parklets, traffic calming, roundabouts and curb extensions, the retarded anti-suicide fences on bridges, destroying vehicle circulation with bike lanes and road closures, painting green and red fields on the roads to indicate something to somebody (even the police don't know what some of that shit means), and of course the totally unnecessary (but politically correct) rainbow crosswalks on Davie Street (while letting every other painted line in the city erode away). Don't forget how much it's costing to name LANES and put up more stupidly needless signage. And don't forget how they fucked up free parking in the West End and spent millions on installing grossly-complicated parking meters that will never pay for themselves.

Let's put it another way: when was the last time you saw city workers doing something that was actually necessary?

Even the stupid little "parklets" are closed.

Everyone welcome except drivers and passengers trying to get somewhere.

This is stupid, the damn thing doesn't even allow water to drain!

"Your parking charge helps fund CITY DEBT" is how that should read.
How much did all of these useless pieces of shit cost? Just more lost money, and more city jobs.
Why isn't this street parking free like it always was?

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