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To my horror, the evil mare and his team went ahead and screwed up the West End visitor parking situation to the best of their ability. It is all pay parking now until 10:00 p.m. Scores if not hundreds of extremely expensive "state of the art" multimedia parking meters have been installed everywhere. Every one of these involved digging a very expensive excavation and pouring a concrete foundation complete with anchor bolts. Also there is new signage up and down the block announcing "new parking regulations." And, as usual, there were obviously technical difficulties getting the credit card and card swipe system up and running. The "coming soon" labels (how much were those?) were later replaced with "card swipe coming soon" labels.

Look at how complicated this effing thing is! Press "1" for ESL instructions ...

It makes me sick looking at this. The cost of maintenance on it will be incredible. It takes 5 types of coins and dispenses change, so there are going to be new city employees going around collecting any coins that it gets, and clearing jams, removing gum, etc. It also dispenses receipts, so its printer will need to be maintained and refilled with paper. There are more new city jobs. And it's pay by licence number, so big brother knows where you're parking. I find it rather ironic that there's a statement on the meter that says: "Your parking charge helps fund city services." The useless jerks have created another bottomless hole to throw money into that will never even fund itself.

Empty metered parking on Barclay Street

Empty metered parking on Broughton Street

It gives me joy to announce that, at least in our neighbourhood, this stupid idea and total waste of money has been a complete failure. The only result is that the formerly free 2-hour parking spaces are now empty and deserted for most of the day, per photographs above. The mare and the cretins who did this will NEVER even get their money out of it, let along make a profit. No, wait, i'm stupid. The mare don't care. It's just another way to shovel money into the hands of commercial interests while taking away more of our privacy and the rights we previously enjoyed in this city. And, along the way, creating a ONE BILLION DOLLAR DEBT.

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