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THE SOLSTICE SESSIONS - December 21 / 22, 2010

31 songs were recorded live at Saga Recording in 24-bit digital format and printed to 16-bit CD format for review. The following songs were ripped from the CD format to mp3 format using media player. It is a smaller file size but has a lower sound quality. These songs were recorded in two afternoon sessions. Each session was pretty much continuous, then chopped up later into individual songs for the CD. Rags & Bones was the last song I was able to play because my fingers were frazzled.

BALTIMORE - written by Randy Newman
One of my favorite songs, might as well be about Vancouver. 1.8 Mb.

BROWN'S FERRY BLUES - written by Doc Watson
Going a little nuts on a country tune, breakdown at the end. 1.9 Mb.

RAGS AND BONES - written by Robbie Robertson / The Band.
Robbie Robertson is one of the greatest songwriters. 2.5 Mb.

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - written by Bob Dylan.
An extended version of an old favorite, this one's for Moses. 2.4 Mb.

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