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Exhibition by C.A. Forssander

Vancouver Art Gallery
April 20 - May 9 1948

C.A. Forssander is an Englishman newly arrived in this country, where he has exhibited at the Society of B.C. Artists (sic: VAG B.C. Artists annual exhibition 1947), and has been selected by the Federation of Canadian Artists for special tour.

Between painting he is a physician with the Department of T.B. Control in Victoria and as he himself has recorded his emotional response in pattern and colour to a new environment, so also is he endeavouring to extend his experience to his patients by encouraging an active group amonst them who will, by emotional release in their painting, find not only creative interest but also a means of expression of the conflicts and problems inseparable from illness, and which have such a delaying effect upon recovery.

The Artist proposes to devote the proceeds from the sale of this collection, after paying his expenses, to the encouragement of this group.

1 October $100
2 Storm Clouds $75
3 Sunset $75
4 Evening $75
5 The Boathouse $75
6 The Red House $75
7 Arbutus $75
8 Garden Path $75
9 Bend in the Road $75
10 Corporal Meyer $75
11 Strelitzia Reginae $75
12 Still Life with Grapefruit $45
13 Still Life with Green Apples $45
14 Fishing Boats $45
15 Farm Building $75
16 Country Church $75
17 Mail Box $75

Editor's note: This exhibition information was provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.