H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art
"Students Successfully Placed as Artists"


An undated Prospectus for the H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art includes a list of "Students Successfully Placed as Artists." The Prospectus was from the collection of R.S. Alexander, and was provided courtesy of the artist's daughter Renee Alexander, North Vancouver 2010.

Airth, Peggy David Spencer Limited
Armstrong, Bert Brown and Mitchell Advertising
Atkey, Ken Brown and Mitchell Advertising Ltd.
Atkinson, Gladys Vancouver Motion Picture Corporation
Bailey, Ron McDermid Engravers, Edmonton
Bampton, Shirley Neo Lite Ltd.
Barry, Eric Construction City Sign Company
Beauchamp, Jerry Freelance, Edmonton
Blake, Byron Portland, Oregon
Blower, June Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Bonar, John Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Boone, Dan Wallace Neon
Brown, Ray Beaton's Ltd., Kamloops
Bull, E. Commercial Artist, England
Bundy, Jack Brown & Mitchell Limited
Clark, Philip Vernon Advertiser, Vernon, B.C.
Currie, Stewart Daily Province
Dan, Stan Western Wholesale Drugs
deMille, Dicke Commercial Artist, England
Donaldson, Colin Rudy Duker Limited, Vancouver
Dunlop, Frank Cleland & Kent Western Ltd.
Engler, Molly Craft Store, West Vancouver
Frew, Ian Eaton's Ltd.
Gillen, Denver Sears-Roebuck, Chicago
Gray, Helen Hudson's Bay Co. Ltd., Fashions
Hancock, Helen (Miss) Fashion Artist, T. Eaton Company, Montreal
Hawes, Myra Birk's Ltd.
Jamieson, Dave Cleland & Kent Engraving Company
Johnson, Bob Marshall's Sporting Goods, Seattle, Wash.
Johnson, William Smith Lithographing
King, R. Neon Products, Vancouver
Kletke, Fred Capital Printers
Lake, Ian Jan-Cay Studios
Logan, Bill Neons
Logan, Charles Price, Gourlay, Vancouver
Luchak, Michael Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Malm, Doris Neolite Ltd.
Mayhew, Marce Scholarship, Center Arts, L.A.
McGaw, Clayton Jan-Cay Studios
McLeod, Gail Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
McLeod, Jack Cleland & Kent Limited
McPherson, Mary Woodward's Limited
Miller, Joyce Forst's Ltd.
Moutray, J.H. J.W. Bow & Co. Ltd.
Moutray, John J.W. Bow & Co.
Mukia, Sam Famous Cloak and Suit Co.
Murray, M. (Miss) Central School of Art, New York
Neilsen, Len Designer, Provincial Government
Ogelsby, George Bullocks Limited, Los Angeles, California
Oliver, Audrey Hudson's Bay Co. Ltd., Fashions
Oliver, Julia Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Packham, Peter Zellers, Ltd.
Panton, Sally Neon Western Canada Ltd.
Parama, Walter Bomac Agencies, Montreal
Parsons, Fred Neon Western Canada Ltd.
Paton, Bernice Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Paul, Margaret Vancouver Engravers
Pearce, Joan Brown and Mitchell Ltd.
Perry, Barbara Nature Craft Ltd.
Pope, Leslie Brown and Mitchell
Proctor, Russell Lance Litho Company Ltd.
Rapanos, Hugh Freelance
Rice, Bob Woodwards Stores Ltd.
Ripley, Clarence Oliver News, Oliver, B.C.
Robinson, Leah (Mrs.) Neolite Limited
Rogers, Jack Jan-Cay Studios
Scott, Peter Atwell Studios, Toronto
Sellers, Rosie (Miss) Scholarship Commercial Art, Los Angeles, California
Shannon, Chuck Burns, Ltd.
Short, Florence (Miss) California School of Art
Smith, Claude E. Freelance & Display, Commercial Art
Smith, Delcie Zenith Engraving Company
Snowdon, Ron Mac and Mac's Ltd.
Stchrogoleff, Eagor Neon Products, Western Canada, Ltd.
Sterling, Olive Hudson's Bay Company
Stevenson, Anne Hudson's Bay Co. Ltd.
Stoy, Ray Western Specialties Ltd.
Street, Dorothy (Miss) Fashion Artist, Woodward's Limited
Sudbury, Alan Neon Products Western Canada, Ltd.
Sutherland, Sinclair Brown and Mitchell Advertising Ltd.
Sutherland, Tip Brown and Mitchell Ltd.
Sweeney, Aleck Copp Shoe Stores Ltd.
Taylor, Philip Hudson's Bay Co.
Turner, Bill Woodwards Stores, Ltd.
Upham, Brandwyn Pilkington Bros.
Upham, Harold Vancouver Engravers Ltd.
Von Hortin, Eleanor Bulman Bros. Ltd.
Watson, Hugh Los Angeles, California
Watt, Doreen Famous Cloak and Suit Company Limited
White, Stanley Vancouver Engravers
Wickinhiser, Ann Gehrke's Limited
Woodworth, Anita T. Eaton Co. Ltd.
Wooton, Allan Freelance, Commercial Artist, Vancouver