The School Board honor roll, a cut of which appears on the opposite page, is the work of Mr. C.H. Scott, Supervisor of Drawing, who is at present training with the 158th Battalion for overseas service. As such it is of special interest to Vancouver school workers, giving as it does his conception of the present world tragedy.

     The artist has made the roll serve a three-fold purpose. We see at first glance it is a record of names - names of men honored for their readiness to serve king and coutnry in the great war. A closer study of his work, however, shows that his aim was not wholly, or even mainly, to chronicle the past. He clearly depicts existing world conditions, and forecasts with equal vividness, the future as it appears to him.

     In the lower portion of his drawing, the world is represented in a crucible enveloped in flames - a striking symbol of present day affairs. Out of the world conflagration, Justice arises on the one hand; on the other Freedom, the inseparable companion of Justice, stands forth under the Union Jack.

     Doubtless Mr. Scott's companions-in-arms shared with him this glorious vision of the future as they did his appreciation of the fact that only out of this terrible world conflict can freedom and justice arise for the world. Their having such a vision and their appreciation of such a truth made it possible for these men, naturally lovers of peace, to gird on their armor and go forth gladly to battle. We rejoice that such a vision will be their stay in the trying experiences through which they may have to pass; and our hope and desire for them is that they may, in the near future, see their vision become a reality.

     For generations, as Britishers, those who have gone before us and we ourselves have been looking backward and honoring fore-fathers for heroic deeds in their struggles against the tyranny of rulers who dared to deny full justice and true liberty to the people. With equal sincerity today do we honor our fellow-citizens who, in response to duty's call, have taken up arms rather than permit a foreign tyrant to rob the world of the freedom and justice secured at such great cost.