"A visual record of British Columbia 1793 - 1886"
1980 Sept. 10 - Oct. 18; exhibition catalogue; Burnaby Art Gallery
Also exhibited at the Provincial Archives Nov. 3 1980 - Jan. 9 1981.
No ISBN; 156 pages, illustrated in black & white; 3 colour plates
By Berenice C. Gilmore; Foreword by J.N. Hardman, Director - BAG.
Extensive information on early BC artists; footnotes, bibliography.
Includes 28 page list of paintings, artists, dates, and collections
An excellent overview of early artistic history in British Columbia.


Alden, J.M.
Alexander, W.
Andrew, H.K. (Woods)
Arden, E.H.
Armstrong, W.
Ballantyne, A.J.
Back, George (Sir)
Barr, Patrick
Beaven, W.
Bedford, F.G.D. (Captain)
Bedwell, E.P. (Lt.)
Bell, Delos C.
Bell-Irving, H.O.
Bell-Smith, F.M.
Brigden, F.H.
Brodie, G.S.
Brown, G.T.
Brownwell, C.F.
Bullen, A.E. (Mrs.)
C., M.
Chambers, Bertram
Champness, W.
Clark, W.O.
Claudet, Francis
Coleman, Edward
Colyer, V.
Compton, P.N.
Cooper, J.
Cox, A.A.
Crease, Barbara L.
Crease, Henry Pellew
Crease, Josephine
Crease, Mary Sr.
Crease, Mary Maberly
Crease, Sarah
Crease, H. (Mrs.) (Mary Smith)
Crease, Susan R.
Crickmer, W.B. (Rev.)
Cridge, Rhoda
Croasdale, Henry E.
Dawson, W. Merger
Downes, E.D.P. (Lt.)
Dudoward, Charles
Dufferin, Lady
Edson, A.A.
Fairfax, Rolls H. (Harry)
Fellows, Arthur
Fellows, Eleanor
Forbes, Charles
Fox, Charles
Frost, G.A.
Gale, Goddard
Glover, E.S.
Haberer, Eug.
Hall, Edward
Hamilton, L.A.
Harkhorn, Henry W.
Harris, Martha
Hatton, W.S.
Haverfield, J.T.
Hibben, May R.
Hind, W.G.R.
Irwin, de la Cherois Thomas
Jackson, M.
Jackson, W.
Jessop, John A.
Joolay (also Julay)
Kane, Paul
Kendall, E.N.
Kennedy, W.R. (Sir)
Kiriloff, S.
Kroupa, Bohusla
L'Aubiniere, C.A. de
Launders, J.B.
Leitch, R.P.
Lewis, Herbert
Lindley, Sarah
Linton, W.J.
Lorne, Marquis of
Mackay, J.R.
McLean, J.D.
McMurthrie, William B.
M., T.
Marshall, J.S.
Martin, T. Mower
Maves, Gustavno A.
Mayne, R.C.
Moore, Gertrude
Moresby, Matthew
Munroe, Jane
Musgrave, Lady
Newton, Ada
Newton, G.W.
O'Leary, P.M.
Panter-Downes, E.D.
Pearse, B.C.
P.J. (Pedor John)
Pemberton, Sophie
Pemberton, V.D.
Perre, Henry
Pinder, W.G.
Piper, A.W.
Poole, Francis C.E.
Pope, F.L.
Porcher, Edwin A.
Pryce, Campbell
Ralph, George (Captain)
Rattenbury, Frances
Rattray, Alexander
Richards, A.N. (Mrs.)
Richards, George H.
Richardson, E.M.
Richardson, Theodore
Rithe, Elizabeth
Roberts, H. Tomtu
Robson, Ebenezer (Rev.)
Robson, Ebenezer (Mrs.)
Rockwell, Cleveland
Roper, Edward
Rowley, Frances M.
S., J.B.
S., J.H.
Schever, W.
Schofield, R.G.
Shaffer, L.C.
Smith, C.L.
Smith, G.E. Gilbert
Somerscales, T.J.
Southwell, G.H.
Swan, James G.
Sweney, Georgia (Miss)
T., A.
Tiedemann, H.D.
Toft, Peter
Vereker, F.L.P.
Vickers, G.H.
Walden, George
Warre, H.J. (Lt.)
Watson, L. (Miss)
Way, C.J.
Wellburn, C.E.
White, G. Harlow
White, J.C.
Whymper, F.
Willis, W.G.B. (Lt.)
Wilson, Charles William
Wilson, J.H.
Wilson (Mrs.)(Mrs. Rev. Winslow)
Winder (Capt.)
Wolfenden, N.L.
Woods, Emily Henrietta