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"A Summary Of The Chief Work Of The Year Pertaining To Fine And Applied Arts In Vancouver"

Western Woman's Weekly - June 14, 1924

(Compiled by Mrs. F.T. Schooley, Convener, Local Council of Women)

    The Local Council of Women, being a federation of over 70 societies, connection with the Art Historical and Scientific Association, the B.C. Art League, the Vancouver Sketch Club, and other enterprises pertaining to fine arts. Mr. Nelson, a director, arranged with the Archives Deparment, Victoria, as to preserving historic sites and memorials of our province. Through Judge Howey's efforts a tablet was erected at Nootka Sound, and arrangements were made that also the Fort at Fort Langley should be preserved.
    Totem poles have been erected at Stanley Park, as the nucleus of a unique Indian village, which will be constructed this year if possible. Mr. H.E.C. Carey, a director, has given much of his time and attention to this project, and went to Alert Bay and obtained valuable information from Kwakuetl Indians, also from the Rev. Mr. Corker as to the homes and habits of old Indians. There have been more antiquities purchased, which are expected to arrive shortly, also twelve valuable etchings were framed and a Madonna Aci Ansider engraving presented by Captain Pybus. Several valuable exhibits, particularly of historic interest, have been presented to the Museum. Mr. Harlan Smith donated a plastic cast of a carving on flat rock near Nanaimo by old Indians.
    Subjects of lectures delivered before the association were: "Ethnology of Our Race," by Rev. Mark Jukes; "Pompeii, the Buried City," by Rev. Mr. Ogden; "Kwakuetl Indians," by Mr. Corker; "Japan, the Island Empire of the East," by Rev. J. Knox Wright; "Sidelights on Early Days in British Columbia," by Mr. B.A. McKelvie, B.A.
    The B.C. Art League, 929 Granville Street, has at the present time the finest collection of pictures ever exhibited in Vancouver, comprising works of Old Masters and others which have been loaned, and in some cases presented, through the kindness of citizens. Some of the artists are Sir Godfrey Knellor, Mr. Cotman, Mr. Collins, David Cox, and John Philip R.A. There is also a loan of Canadian artists' works sent here by the National Gallery of Ottawa.
    The League has lately been approached by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Montreal, to see if we would consider a proposal to have an exhibition of the best work of Canadian artists later in the year, sharing expenses in Montreal.
    From October to April, very interesting monthly lectures are delivered, usually with excellent slides and a short programme to which the public are cordially invited.
    The directors of the B.C. Art League are most anxious that more citizens may feel it their bounden duty to assist in supporting the Art League if only to the extent of becoming members and endeavoring to interest others likewise. With an increasing membership we believe it would not be long before we would have in Vancouver that which is much needed, a School of Arts and Crafts.
    We are delighted to learn that Mr. T.S.H. Shearman of our city will soon complete the largest reflecting telescope in the world, for the Frye Observatory, Seattle. The work of figuring the 10 foot speculum is going on, and Mr. Shearman expects to make the first observation with it during the coming spring, and we have just cause to be proud of such work being accomplished by one of our citizens.
    The Vancouver Sketch Club, 324 Pender Street, has had a very successful year, having monthly and semi-annual exhibits.