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Vancouver, B.C., 31st December, 1915.

J.S. Gordon, Esq.
         Municipal Inspector of Schools,
                  Vancouver, B.C..


     I beg to submit herewith my annual report on the work of the Prevocational and Night Schools.

(paragraphs omitted)

     In conformity with the suggestions made in my last report, the work of the Night Schools was re-organized to a very considerable extent for the present session. In brief outline, the following changes were made:

(paragraphs omitted)

     The Art Classes were placed under the immediate direction of Mr. Scott, and the students had reference to him before taking any particular class. They were allotted to the classes best suited to their needs and abilities, and the Art Classes now form the nucleus of a successful Art School, with graded courses covering the principal branches of Art Work. The School is badly in need of additional casts, however, and I trust the Board will be able to spend the necessary funds (no very large amount) in the coming session.

(paragraphs omitted)

     The total number of students enrolled at the Night Schools for the session of 1915-1916 is 2200, which is a very considerable advance upon any previous year.

     The thanks of the Board are due to the Vancouver Gas Company for the loan of a large gas oven for use in Mr. Plant's Baking Class - one of the most popular and best-attended classes in the schools.

     (remainder of report omitted)

         Yours Faithfully,
                 GRAHAM A. LAING
                          Director of Prevocational and Night Classes.