Savary Island Heritage Society

Incorporated June 25 2002

The Savary Island Heritage Society is "a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving items and information about Savary Island".

Savary Island has been an important location for artists to paint for many years, but information about the island, its history and facilities, has been scattered in various collections and never compiled.

The Heritage Society has been working on a number of projects related to the island, including:
     historical title searches on the island's early homes
     compiling a history of the island's first homes
     creating heritage signage
     publishing Savary Island history

The Society, especially Director Conde Landale, has been very helpful to the Editor in his research on the island, freely loaning important and unique historical information and photographs.

Although the Editor first became interested in the island because of the extensive connections to the island of the Sherman family, especially R.S. Sherman and Maud Rees Sherman, many other important B.C. artists turned out to have visited and painted the island. Refer to the Savary Island article for further information.


MAGNETIC ISLE - Gladys Bloomfield's Savary
     2005; ISBN 0-9739209-0-4; 146 pages, illustrated in black and white
     Edited by Conde Landale; published by Savary Island Heritage Society
     Includes references to R.S. Sherman, Maud Rees Sherman, Laurencia Herchmer.

     "Twenty-six Islanders Share Memories"
     2021; ISBN 978-0-9739209-2-5; 136 pages, illustrated in colour
     Edited by Ruth White; published by Savary Island Heritage Society