"Eight Sketches by Charles H. Scott"

Information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

Each of my eight oil sketches in this exhibition was, with but one exception, painted out-of-doors, in one sitting. In a sense, therefore, they are "spot" sketches with, I hope, something of the atmospheric truth of the country in which they were painted. What they may lack in surface finish or compositional niceties, will I hope, be compensated for in tonal vitality.

Each is a quick record of an aspect of our rich British Columbia landscape made with considerable fidelity to form and atmosphere.

To the discerning eye, it will be apparent that the artist's colour-key changes with each sketch, this is due to the artist's obsession with the atmospheric truths of place and time. It may also be apparent that the artist's use of the form elements is not the same in each sketch.

This can be accounted for by changes in the artist's inner vision; by the artist wanting to express what he feels about what he sees, rather than be representing the merely visual. In all, these sketches gave the artist pleasure in the doing, and they are now offered for your pleasure and contemplation.

         Charles H. Scott