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The Daily Province, Vancouver, July 7 1925 editorial


     In the tangle that has apparently arisien with regard to the projected arts and crafts school in Vancouver, the help of the members of the Legislature for this city may well be asked with a view to the unravelment. This is not a question in which party politics is a factor. Everybody agrees that the establishment of such a school as is indicated is a prime necessity at the present point of this city's manufacturing progress. Nor is such an institution merely in the interests of this city. It is concerned with the province at large.
     From the information available it would seem that after years of work by the B.C. Art League, including several deputations to the minister of education in Victoria, which were favorably received, a basis was at last arrived at whereby it was agreed that the school should be started this fall in connection with the Vancouver Board of School Trustees. A school committee was appointed by the Art League, and conferences at which Mr. John Kyle, the official representative of the Education Department, was present, were held with the School Board at its offices. Mr. Kyle set forth the conditions on which the financial help of the government might be obtained. It was arranged that part of the necessary funds should be derived from pupil's fees and partly from a government grant. As a considerable number of prospective students has been enrolled and the supporters of the project have done their part, it seems inexplicable that the minister of education should suddenly go back on his previous attitude and his promised help. Our local members are naturally in full possession of the details of everything that has been done, and under the circumstances it seems natural to ask their assistance in the matter.