The Daily Province, Vancouver, January 13 1925


     Industrial art and fine art are differentiated by the fact that whereas the latter devotes itself specially to the exploitation of beauty, pure and simple as exemplified chiefly in paintings and sculpture, the former has as its object the application of the principles of beauty in the design and conformation, the color or the general style, sometimes of articles of use or ornament, sometimes in artificier's work as applied to buildings. While the fine arts will always have an appeal of their own, industrial art stands on a firm financial and commercial basis because it has been found that nothing enhances the value of material quite so much as artistic design in its working up. Many trades are wholly dependent upon it.
     It is therefore satisfactory to know that Vancouver is within measurable distance of the establishment of an arts and crafts school. For three or four years the B.C. Art League has been working with this end in view, and successive committees have procured and tabulated a vast amount of information with regard to the cost, the equipment, the curriculum, the teachers and the general conduct of such a school. It has now been decided that the best way of bringing about the fruition of this work will be to co-operate with the School Board as by this means certain funds appropriated for art instruction by the Federal Government will be available. There will be an advisory board nominated by the B.C. Art League, and the operations of the school will have a practical bearing on constructive trades and occupations. An energetic committee of which Mr. C. Marega is chairman, has the matter to hand and all those who desire to take up courses in decorative arts and crafts school are requested to send in their names as soon as possible to the secretary of the B.C. Art League, Art Gallery, 933 Granvillle Street.
     The annual fee will be, for day classes, $100, and for night classes from $5 to $20, according to the specialized craft selected by the pupil for instruction.