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Mrs. Webster's Art School

c1892 - 1893

Mrs. Webster's Art School was probably the earliest school of art in Vancouver. It was founded in the early 1890s by Mrs. Webster, wife of Captain Webster, the first manager of the Union Steamship Company.

The art school was discussed briefly in the 1944 Golden Jubilee issue of Museum Notes, produced by the Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver.





"Of these survivors - all more than four-score years of age - one, Mrs. Banfield, has rendered invaluable service as chairman of one of the committees that has organized the present Jubilee commemoration. Another, Mrs. Richards, whose first husband was Captain Webster, first manager of the Union Steamship Company here, played an active part in the earliest deliberations of the Association, and prior to that, herself established a pioneer art school and organized monthly discussions in an unused part of her husband's office in a room on Hastings Street near Cambie. From a letter received from her recently by Major Matthews, city archivist, it is apparent that she is still keenly interested in the progress of the Association and Museum."
      From Golden Jubilee Issue by (unknown)
      Museum Notes, 1944

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