A Vancouver Sculptor

(by Editor)

The Gold Stripe, Volume One
Christmas 1918

     On the opposite page appears a portrait of Mr. C. Marega, the sculptor, who is shown in his own studio at work on the figure of a wounded soldier - a "Gold Stripe" soldier.

     This beautiful little statuette, which has won much admiration wherever exhibited, is reproduced on the cover of this book.

     Mr. Marega, who is this year the president of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, has done much splendid work of a patriotic character during the whole period of the war. He has been an inspiring influence among his fellow country-men, the Italians, and a popular and prominent menber of the Vancouver artistic colony.

     His heroic bust of Garibaldi was exhibited on the Italian Red Cross Day and Garibaldi proves still a name to conjure with, for it has been writ large in the annals of the Great War. His pretty little statuette, "Doing Her Bit," is here represented, and it is with pleasure that the editor gives other specimens of his work. (Ed.: Ruthless Death; Garibaldi, Good-Bye)

     Mr. Marega is a public-spirited citizen of Vancouver, and has made this beautiful city his home and looks forward to the time when it will be, from an artistic point of view, worthy of its natural environments.

     He began his art career in the celebrated school of Fine Arts in Mariano, where he obtained creditable distinction, and he has added to his fame in Florence, Venice, and Rome, where his work is known as well as it is in Paris and London.

     Vancouver has many beautiful specimens of his work, much of it is to be seen in the Merchants Bank of Vancouver, and for the late Mr. John Hendry, and for Mr. B.T. Rogers he executed several important commissions.

     The men who have returned from the Great War, those wounded and those who have come through to some extent unscathed, join with the relatives of their comrades who have fallen, in the hope the scheme which Mr. Marega has put forward in connection with Mr. Bloomfield, the architect, for a great and worthy memorial on the old Court House site will be carried out. This splendid site would give full scope to architectural and artistic genius.