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Letter from C. Stansfeld Jones

To Vancouver Art Gallery Curator A. Savell Grigsby

Deep Cove, B.C.
November 24, 1944

Dear Mr. Grigsby,

      Thanks a lot to you and Council for letter of 23rd. just received. I had already mailed a letter of thanks on behalf of Guild to papers -- after seeing the fine show last night. Maybe they'll publish in about ten days time when it has ceased to be of interest.

      I'm going to do my very best to make the Canadian Art Guild a worth-while thing -- if given a fair chance from within or without. It has a place, I think, to fill.

      It is designed to meet needs of free creative artists (or art students who so aspire) and to get justice for them. If they can stand on their own feet and perform well, they will find themselves cooperating with, but not dominated by, either Capital, Labor, "Art" dealers, or paid critics. If not...who knows. A few little adjustments seem yet to be needed in the set-up, but we're on our way.

        Thanks again,
                 Very sincerely,
                           (signed C. Stansfeld Jones)

P.S. The Labour Art Guild put on a really fine show. Think
      $150 award well earned and bestowed. Didn't have time
      to form an opinion on others. Hope we someday put on as
      good a showing.

A.S. Grigsby, Esq.
Curator Art Gallery
Vancouver, B.C.

Information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library