Federation of Canadian Artists - ART AVENUE

(1970s?) - current

The Federation of Canadian Artists was founded in 1941. The local region of the Federation has been publishing a journal for many years. The author's collection starts with the July/August 1996 issue, a small format newsletter titled FCA NEWS. Beginning in 2000 a magazine format was published in full colour titled ART AVENUE, which had occasional supplements inserted such as education programmes or a letter from the President.

A long-time feature of the magazine was the back cover article titled A PAINTING IN THE LIFE OF ... (artist name). When I did an index to my collection of the magazine, I decided that it would be useful to list the artists for reference. It might be worth noting that I submitted a story about this feature to the FCA, but it was not published.

Artist Issue
Aason, Katrin 2016 March/April
Araki, Bob 2009 July/August
Bone, Tanya F. 2013 May/June
Briones, Danvic 2015 March/April
Brown, Kristen 2016 January/February
Christensen, Ingrid 2014 January/February
Christie, Leanne 2014 July/August
Cowan, Sue 2013 July/August
Donohue, Sandra 2008 May/June
Edge, Marney-Rose 2012 May/June
Fraser, Tim 2007 January/February
Hamelin, Neil 2012 November/December
Hamill, Lalita 2013 September/October
Hamill, Lalita 2015 May/June
Harvey, Anne-Marie 2009 January/February
Horton, Heather 2007 May/June
Jaeger, Angelika 2006 July/August
Jalovaara, Hannamari 2006 September/October
Jarvis, Anne 2006 May/June
Kolosov, Vladimir 2015 January/February
Lazuline 2015 September/October
Lynch, Brent J. 2012 July/August
Marshall, Robyn 2015 November/December
Mason, Larry 2007 July/August
McMurray, Bob 2007 March/April
Mirkov-Popovicki, Tatjana 2008 September/October
Parslow, Mary 2014 May/June
Peacock, Patricia 2009 March/April
Ponting, Dianna 2007 November/December
Pratt, Andrea 2008 January/February
Roman, Amie 2008 March/April
Strong, Deborah 2014 November/December
Tejada, Alfonso 2012 September/October
Thibault, Rene 2006 November/December
Tiernan, Roxsane 2014 September/October
Tillyer, Larry 2017 January/February
Turpin, Jack 2008 November/December
Willsie, Ann 2015 July/August
Wiltzen, Liz 2014 March/April