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The Columbia Institute

c1892 - 1893

The Columbia Institute was a short lived attempt to keep the flame of art burning in Vancouver after the Vancouver Art Association faded away shortly after its creation in 1890.

The Columbia Institute was discussed briefly in the June 1926 issue of Museum Notes, produced by the Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver.


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"The "News-Advertiser," February 27th, 1892, reports a meeting held in the Art Association rooms, with Mayor Cope in the chair, for the purpose of changing the scope of the organization to include history and literature. Among others present were, Mrs. Mellon, Messrs. Hill-Tout, Gosnell and Odlum. Mr. Kitto, the Japanese consul, described the methods by which public museums were conducted in Japan. There was little enthusiasm, but finally there emerged the "Columbia Institute", for which charter members were enrolled in 1893 - an effort which proved futile."
      From History of the Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver by (unknown)
      Museum Notes, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1926.

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