Vancouver, B.C., January 3, 1916.

J.S. Gordon, Esq.
         Municipal Inspector of Schools,


     I beg to submit the following report on Drawings for the year ending December, 1915.

     Steady and good progress has been made in the various branches of the subject and this progress, seen in the work of the children, is but a reflection of the increased interest and knowledge of objective with which the subject is being presented by the teachers.

     This knowledge of the objective in Drawing and the ability to present the subject in such a way that the objective is not lost, are not attained without considerable work and it says much for the Vancouver Staff of teachers that over one hundred and twenty attended special classes in the subject during the fall. Attendance at these classes was voluntary and the Supervisor feels gratified and encouraged with the response of the teachers, the attendance throughout the course being excellent.

     A new scheme of work in Drawing was issued in September and has been worked tentatively for the last five months. I am pleased to report that, with a few amendments, it gives promise of being satisfactory.

     Commencing from September, Miss Tremblath, Supervisor of Primary Work, agreed to take over the supervision of the Drawing in the Primary classes. This agreement was reached after consultation with the Municipal Inspector and with the direct object of allowing the Supervisor of Drawing more time for supervision in the more senior grades.

     The year's retrospect is healthy and gives promise of continued good work in the future. I take this opportunity of thanking the Board of Trustees, the Municipal Inspector and other officials and teachers who have, by their courtesy and sympathy helped me to enjoy my work during the year 1915.

         Respectfully submitted,
                 CHARLES H. SCOTT
                          Supervisor of Drawing