Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950
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"Introduction to the Modern Spirit"

This information was provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

To introduce Modern Art to the layman would be futile unless he or she believes in it and conscientiously settles down to try to understand it. This is best done by reading the books on Modern Art and studying the paintings.

In this way the persons extend their knowledge beyond the conventional boundaries to which so many limit themselves.

Upon being asked WHY I took up Modern Art as a hobby, I have several reasons.

First, in Modern Art there is a freedom to move in this direction or that, to enlarge or reduce or to distort to whatever extent the artist is inspired.

Then the feeling of pigment, such as an oil painting to look like an oil painting, is another important value.

As I listen to the Music of the modern composer Stavinsky, Shostakovitch, etc, I find my paintings influenced by them.

I love to express phantasy thru solid forms & strong colors. Also Gaiety & Tragedy may be expressed through Modern Art.

A canvas of modern art does not usually appeal to a person on first viewing but as the painting is studied again & again it holds ones interest and as in the study of good music finally the student of art becomes a modern art enthusiast.

I may add: Dimensional values and the freedom to use the full range of colors in the most exciting manner the artist feels like, or few colors according to taste.

         (by S.E. Brunst)