Published by Image Bank in association with Talonbooks
"Vancouver, Canadada December 1972"
Not paginated, perhaps 160 pages; illustrated b&w, paperback

"The requests, addresses and index to the decentralized files and corres-sponge-dance network compiled by Image Bank from January 1970 to November 1972."

Editor: only members of the exchange with addresses in British Columbia are listed below.


Aaron (Victoria)
Arnold, Box (Winlaw)
Art Rat (Vancouver)
B & R (Vancouver)
Balkavind, Al (Vancouver, Alvin Balkind)
Banana, Anna (Vancouver)
Bartlett, Martin (Vancouver)
Bates, Max (Victoria)
Baxter, Iain / N.E. Thing Co. (N. Vancouver)
Bell, Gary (Vancouver)
Bissett, Bill / Blewointment Press (Vancouver)
Broomfield, Howard / Acoustic Ecology (Vancouver)
Dr. Brute / B.B.I. (Vancouver)
Beth of Burnaby (Vancouver)
Byrne, Rick (Vancouver)
Canada's National Magazine (Vancouver)
Uncle & Aunt Cat (Roberts Creek)
Chicken Bank (Vancouver)
Church Bank (Tsawwassen)
Collins, Susan / Laughing Bear (Kelowna)
Copithorne, Judith (Vancouver)
de Coursey (sic), Michael (Vancouver)
Jamie Craig Fan Club (Vancouver)
Dahl, Chris (Vancouver)
Davidson, Ian (W. Vancouver)
Dikeakos, Christos (Vancouver)
Dr. Dog (N. Vancouver)
Dream Trapper (Vancouver)
Druick, Don / Tulip Industries (Vancouver)
Erickson, Arthur (Vancouver)
Fish, Robert (Vancouver)
Gledhill, Randy (Vancouver)
Godfrey, Arthur (Vancouver)
Goldberg, Mike / Video Exchange Directory (Vancouver)
Graffiti, Andy (Vancouver)
Greenshow, Henry / Borderline Studios / "Fet Art" (Vancouver)
Henry, Mick (Roberts Creek)
Image Bank (Roberts Creek)
Intermedia Press (Vancouver)
Jack, John / Bum Bank / Development for Plastic Landscapes (Garden Bay)
Johnson, Charmian (Vancouver)
Jones, Bill (W. Vancouver)
Jones, Rhonda / Ms. Rhonda (N. Vancouver)
Jupiter, Greg (N. Vancouver)
Kelman, Ralf (Vancouver)
Kidder, Jack (Victoria)
Lewis, Glenn / Flakey (Vancouver)
Lowndes, Joan (Vancouver)
McWilliams, Al (Surrey)
Nairne, Jerry / Mr. Blunt (Vancouver)
New York Corres-Sponge Dance School of Vancouver (Vancouver)
Van Nostrand, Moe (Vancouver)
Van Nostrand, Sonja (Vancouver)
Mr. Peanut (Roberts Creek)
Myra Peanut (Vancouver)
Preus, Crista (Vancouver)
Miss Pumpkin / Vegetable Bank (Penticton)
Rapaport, Henry (Vancouver)
Roth, Evelyn (Vancouver)
Shadbolt, Doris (Vancouver)
Spreitz, Karl (Victoria)
Taki Blues Singer (Vancouver)
Turner, Alex (Harrison Hot Springs)
Varney, Ed (Vancouver)
Wallace, Ian (Vancouver)
Wallace, Keith (Gibsons)
Wheeler, Dennis (Vancouver)
Wishlaw, Robert (Texada Island)