King Edward VII Memorial
by Charles Marega

These photographs by Gary Sim show the King George VII Memorial Fountain at the art gallery in downtown Vancouver, sometime around 1998. The fountain was a gift to the City from the Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire, and was unveiled on May 7, 1912. It was originally located on Georgia Street in front of what was then the Courthouse, now Vancouver Art Gallery. It was relocated to Hornby Street when the Centennial Fountain by R.H. Savery was installed, then put in storage. Later, it was reinstalled on Hornby Street, where it is seen here. It was in need of restoration, some of which has been done. The fountain was gifted to the City of Vancouver with the stipulation that the City look after it and provide water for the fountain "in perpetuity." Some wit had graffiti'd a "D" in front of the fountain's title. I was going to digitally erase it, but came to my senses just in time, I'm not a historical revisionist.

UPDATE: The plaza around the fountain was upgraded in 2022, but it took months for the construction hoarding to finally be removed. On July 29 2022 I went by the gallery again, and was able to photograph the memorial in its current state. The fountain was not restored, and at the moment water is not being provided to the citizens "in perpetuity."