"Evening School"

By Fred A. Amess
Behind The Palette, Vancouver School of Art Annual - 1939-40

     After the prologue and the first portion of the show is over an intermission brings an even more insignificant person into a wavering spot. The chairman of the evening rises to make a few announcements. This always seemed a good time to me to leave for a breath of fresh air. Complete with a list, which he invariably drops, this jittery person proceeds.

     "It is very pleasant to know that two thousand readers (I hope) have scanned the four hundred books sold (I also hope) and have enjoyed them immensely - thus far. Knowing the difficulties under which the production has grown and the effort put forth to produce it I heartily congratulate the Day and Evening Students upon their joint effort.

     The Evening School year, like the Annual, is pleasant to review. Added to the usual well rounded program were a series of six lectures and greater participation by Evening Students in the affairs of the school. The closing evening featured a lively program as well as an excellent display.

     Congratulations are due to the Atelier Sketch Club for their ambitious exhibition. This self-organized group of evening school students are meeting every Friday in the Holden building and an invitation is extended to all students to join.

     We welcome to the classes this year, in addition to the present list of Elementary, Intermediate and Life drawing, Photography, Interior Decoration, Leatherwork, Pottery, Basketry, Manual Arts, and Commercial Art, the new classes in Water Colour and Window display.

     To those here to whom the front page of the newspaper may overshadow our art bulletin may we stress the increasing need of art expression not only to ensure quality and creative effort in commerce but that elasticity of thought that strangely enough ensures the stability of cultural progress. The only true antidote to the fever of destruction lies in the stimulus of creation.

     Will the small boys in the front row now desist from throwing things.

     Now - oh - that seems to be all.

     Except - thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this year, its activities and its chronicle a success.

         Yours sincerely,

                  (signed Fred A. Amess)

                           Evening School Supervisor

Information provided courtesy of ECUAD Library and Archives