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Curator's Report, by T.P.O. Menzies

Museum Notes, Vol. 1, No. 1 February 1926

Issued by the Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver, BC
"In the Interests of the City Museum"

To The President, Directors and Members
Ladies and Gentlemen,

      This meeting completes another year, the 32nd anniversary of the Association, and we now meet to review the work and progress made during the past year, 1925.

      Owing to the retirement of Mr. Will Ferris, who had been connected with the Association from its earliest days, and now seeks a very well-earned retirement, it was necessary to appoint a new secretary-curator. This was carried out by a special committee, who, after interviewing numerous applicants, finally selected myself, and I was duly appointed to the position of secretary-curator at the meeting held on the 26th of March, 1925, the appointment to date from the 1st of April of that year. Mr. Will Ferris kindly consented to remain in office to instruct his successor for the period of one month.

      The matter of additional space in the museum was one of the earliest points to be attended to, and this will be remedied to a certain extent very shortly in the following manner: Through the courtesy of His Worship Mayor L.D. Taylor, and the City Comptroller, Mr. A.J. Pilkington, it has been arranged that Temporary Storage will be available, thus enabling a quantity of duplicates and other matter to be stored away, thus making room for the display of a large quantity of valuable and interesting material lately acquired. This, it is hoped, will be for a short time only, as, owing to the activity of the members of the B.C. Art League, notably one of our own directors Mrs. F.T. Schooley, some public spirited citizens have been induced to make the very handsome offer of $100,000 for the purchase of works of Art, provided the citizens authorize the erection of an Art Gallery for the accommodation of the same. So that there is every hope that an effort will now be made by the city to start erecting the long-talked of "Civic Centre," which will accommodate both the Art Gallery and Museum.

      A monthly "Journal" was issued throughout 1925, and a copy posted to each member, also to similar institutions and Libraries, and many letters of appreciation have been received. The whole matter has been in the hands of Mr. Denys Nelson and the Rev. J.C. Goodfellow, and both these gentlemen are to be congratulated on launching this record of the Association's activities. During the present year the Curator's report will be sent to all members, and also a printed booklet, entitled "Museum Notes," three times a year, in February, June, and October.

      The more outstanding events of the year in connection with the work of the Association are:-

(Sections omitted if not art related)

      Two loan collections were made to the annual Fair, one in the Art Section, and the other to the Native Sons of B.C., who made an attractive display of native Indian art, in a model of a typical Hudson's Bay Co.'s fort, that at Fort St. James, about 1850, being selected, and which proved to be a great success.

      May 19th a reception was held at the home of Mrs. J.W. Weart, where His Worship Mayor L.D. Taylor made a presentation of a handsome walking stick, as a token of appreciation of the long and faithful services rendered by Mr. Will Ferris by the Association, on his retirement.

      Trusting that my services have given you every satisfaction,
            T.P.O. MENZIES
                  Secretary - Curator
                        CITY MUSEUM