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It has become increasingly clear in the past few years, at least to people with an open and inquiring mind about world affairs (this, of course, excludes Republicans), that most of the leaders of the world's countries are less and less interested in leading their people than they are in harvesting them as a cash crop.

Canada's leader, lying all the way through the election about being green and reducing emissions, immediately upon re-election spent billions of dollars on a pipeline that the citizens of Canada do not want, and is not needed. The foul sludge that is pumped through loses money at every stage. And, although all news articles on the matter suggest that Canada purchased the pipeline, all we actually did was buy shares in it. In other words, all we own is some paper of dubious value. In the post-COVID crash, how much are those shares worth now? Don't wait for some investigative journalist to advise, they don't exist in the new world order. And keep SNC-Lavalin in the back of your mind, they're probably due for some juicy contracts, perhaps multi-billion dollar sea defences.

Agent Orange to the south of Canada is more like a character in a mid-day soap opera, the problem is it's real. A bully, a chronic liar, an accredited psychopath, a vengeful angry boy who only wants it his way, running the country for the profit of himself and his business cronies. He suggested that injecting disinfectant might be a good idea to cure COVID-19, and then denied saying it. Loves to run off at the mouth at other countries. Blames former Presidents for everything wrong with the country. Is best friends with Russia's own nut-in-residence. Wants America to go "back to work" while their infection rate is still a line going almost straight up on the chart. Well, in a for-profit medical system, I guess that makes sense. And so far it's hit hardest in Democratic states.

UPDATE July 15: Wacko-man has cancelled the US membership in the World Health Organization, and as of today all hospital records will be processed by some political hack-panel of his choosing in order to produce glowing and positive results. The numbers will take a definite turn for the better!

Then there's the extra-right-wing nutter in Brazil, another disbeliever in germs, just quoted this week saying "who cares" in reference to COVID-19 related deaths. Blamed an American actor for sponsoring people to start fires in the Amazon, in order to make the nutter look bad. Hey, don't worry, just keep opening your stupid mouth. Apparently all of his sons are being investigated for falsifying news, and of course for gorging on any spare cash lying around. Impeachment is in the wind. Their Justice Minister quit, alleging the leader was pressuring him to drop all the investigations. The Health Minister resigned, who could work for a lunatic? This proves that there are at least two moral people in Brazil.

UPDATE May 16: The replacement Health Minister resigned after one week, citing interference. That makes at least 3 moral people in Brazil.

UPDATE July 15: This nutter has got the virus, but he's "fine."

Amnesty International reported that the leader in the Phillipines authorized on-the-spot executions of anyone suspected or caught with drugs, or using drugs. They estimated that over 7,000 citizens had been summarily killed as a result. Some of them apparently have been grudge killings, or for-profit killings, done under cover of the directive. What kind of person would authorize their police and militia to make wholesale executions as they wish? I argue that this creature is not a human being.

Not to be forgotten are all the little leaders, like the one-dimensional child in Alberta, playing in his sandbox, another best friend of the petrosaurs. Just gave $1,500,000,000.00 to them without even being asked. What a guy! That's 1.5 billion dollars, or $371.56 each from the pocket of every person in the province - all 4 million of them - man, woman, and child. He also pledged another 5 or 6 billion in guarantees, and all of this for another pipeline that is not needed, for another sludgy oilsands product whose value is currently trading at -$2.00 a barrel. That's almost funny ... if you wanted any they'd have to give you a barrel and $2.00 cash to take it away. No, wait, give me the $2.00, keep the oil. I'm still waiting for the day when one of the petrosaurs refuses a massive handout, especially one they didn't ask for! Remember when the federal Conservatives gave the Petroleum Institute $500,000,000.00 (five hundred million) to study ways to sell gasoline more profitably? How did that turn out? I would have done the study for a million. When a bomb goes off anywhere in the world, raise the price ten cents a litre at the pump. Simple. The petrosaur who was cross-examined in the BC gas price fixing investigation stated that he "couldn't explain" why the price of gas went up. I can: ENDLESS GREED.

Of course, all around the world various nutball leaders are taking the opportunity from the current pandemic to increase their powers, increase surveillance, increase security, reduce human rights, eliminate inconvenient laws and pass new restrictive ones, and generally make sure they are in a position to come out ahead when it's over.

Is there a way out of this? I'm not very optimistic.

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