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Artists Statement by Marion Stavrakov

This information was provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.

1927 Lee Ave.
Victoria BC
Feb. 25, 1948

Dear Mr. Tyler,

A month having passed since the closing of my show at the gallery + having heard nothing re my financial statement I am writing to ask if you will please investigate the matter for me. I have certain obligations which will be made more easily at the conclusion of this business.

One learns with regret of your retirement from the Gallery and feels it will be a great loss to the organization. I personally feel it will be a difficult thing to find anyone to approach your qualifications + sincerity as curator.

The picture of mountains + tide water which I had in my show and which you so kindly criticised I have painted once more, having pulled apart the composition + altered the tone values. The result is of course, as you were well aware, much superior than the original picture - which I have now destroyed.

The problem of preparing canvasses still confounds me. I have Frederic Taubes (sp?) book but though I follow the rules I still continue to make mistakes. There is so much to learn.

         Yours sincerely
         Marion Stavrakov