8th Annual Mid-Main Art Fair

Below is a list of artists exhibiting in the 8th Annual Mid-Main Art Fair at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, on June 11 2017. This list of artists is taken from an advertisement in PREVIEW magazine, June/July/August 2017 issue, Vol. 31 No. 3.

The event began in 2010 after artist Enda Bardell decided to create a venue for a number of artists to get together and show their work. The Editor was one of the artists in the 1st Annual Fair.


Alexander, Fran
Ando, Mariko
Bardell, Enda
Crosby, Jane
Curry, Lorn
Hastie, Joanne
Hood, Christine
Jarville, Jeanette
Jones, Sheree
Koll, James
Mcquaid, Carol
Mocnik, Sonia
Morgan, Nicola
Peck, Edward
Conradi-Robertson, Jackie
Sommerville, Elisabeth
Wilson, Jeff
Wolski, Grazyna