Presented by ARTISTS IN OUR MIDST (2019)

This list of artists is taken from a map to the West of Main Art Walk, May 11 and 12, 2019. There was an opening event at the Roundhouse Community Centre on May 9.


Abelman, Michael - painter
Arseneau, Crissy - painted collage
Baksh, Elahe Nour - painter
Bennett, Mary - mixed media
Blaney, Jodie - painter
Blenz, Yolanda - painter
Bohm, Lesley - watercolour painter
Bowen, Mark - digital artist
Bowlsby, Barbara - mixed media
Brown, Joanne - printmaker
Brumelle, Karen - painter
Bunn, Louise - painter, sculptor, mixed media
Campbell, Olga - new media, mixed media
Charuk, Jill - painter
Conradi-Robertson, Jackie - painter
Copeland, Lynn - photographer, digital
Downe, Mary - textiles, oil painter
Ellis, Joan - painter, mixed media
Falconer, Lynn - sculptor
Fedder, Sabine - painter, mixed media
Fraser-Hughes, Susan - charcoal drawings
Gevry, Claudine - painter, sculptor
Glock, Dov (Jerry) - mixed media, painter
Gold, Shira - photography
Granirer, Pnina - painter, mixed media
Harwood, Jennifer - painter
Hilton, Ann - watercolour painter
Holand, Rebecca - mixed media
Lamarque, Derek - digital painter
Linley, Jenny Lou - painter
Loa, Heather - painter
Lord Byng Secondary -
    painting, drawing, mixed media
Mackay, Krista - jeweler
Mate, Rae - painter
McLean, Katherine - painter, encaustic
McLean, Krista - mixed media
Mehta, Camille - painter
Mirkov-Popovicki, Tatjana - painter
Mogdan, Charlene - oil pastel on paper
Morris, Lauren - painter
Nagai, Azumi - painter
Nay, Gary - painter, ipad painter
Paluck, Denise E. - painter
Pearce, Connie - painter
Peeters, Wendy - mixed media
Perry, Liz Ann - mixed media
Philips, Alice - fabric artist
Pickering, John - mixed media, collage
Price, Leah - zero waste artist
Rao, Raghu - painter
Remnant, Susan - jeweler
Ronner, Devon - mixed media, painter
Sanft, Monika - photography, mixed media
Schmid, Linda Jane - painter, mixed media sculptor
Scudamore, Victoria - mixed media
Simons, Sabine - painter, mixed media
Stanford, Jacqueline - potter
Stewart, Amy - painter
Stewart, Beth W. - mixed media
Tian, Annie - painter
Turok, Olga - potter and painter
Walker, Nancy - potter
Wittman, Billie - ceramic artist
Wolski, Grazyna - painter
Zerebeski, Laura - painter