Designed by Erica Wilk, produced by Shannyn Higgins
2014, copyright Duality Experiment
printed by Moniker Press, no ISBN
25 artists paired with 25 writers
Includes 25 risograph colour prints
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An artists book, where the publishers invited 25 artists and 25 writers to work together. The results are printed in black and white in a sewn binding. The pages are attached to a black, laser cut folded cover, which also contains the 25 original prints. The book was assembled and finished at Red Ladder Studio in a limited edition of 400 copies.

Note: only artists are referenced to the A-Z index

Avery, C.R.
Bruce, Ali
Clowater, Brent
Cotter, Brandon
Fabin, Nick
Frame, Stephanie
Frey, Ben
Hall-Patch, Mark
Jefferies, Daniel
Karemaker, Sean
King, Mel
Lewis, Coreena
Lupton, Adam
Markowsky, Michael
Miller, Sarah Gee
Moore, Colin
Moran, Korey
Neville, Jo
Quong, Steffen
So, Katie
Stishenko, Nicole
Ting, Carson
Volo, Ola
Wilk, Erica
Yu, Priscilla
Mechler, Craig
Halliwell, Andrew
Cook, Michael
Hirabayashi, Joseph
Thomas, James
Sumner, Bob
Loewen, Kenton
Epperson, Hannah
Cowan, Colin
Mangan, Dan
Brock, Michael
Bojm, Jenn
Mercer, Jack
Kelly, Chris
Hussain, Tariq
McClelland, Khari Wendell
Judy, Cail
Aganaba, Tonye
Guldemond, Ryan
Turner, Matt
Rowe, Kevin M.
Burns, Louise
Bossley, Parker
McNichol, Joel
Glenham, Jody