Presented by Oceanside Coalition for Strong Communities
Exhibition May 1 - 30 2007, Parksville BC
"A Festival of Labour & the Arts"
Text by Marcel Katz & Bill Friesen. Illustrated in b&w.
No ISBN, 16 page exhibition catalogue, pamphlet.
List of participants and their mailing addresses.
Brief biographical info for MAKING A LIVING exhibitors
Only artists with BC addresses are listed below.

Exhibition catalogue provided courtesy of Ed Varney (q.v.).


MAKING A LIVING: Oceanside Gallery
Anderson, King
Balma, Donna
Broadhurst, Laurie
Cameron, Wayne
Corraini, Rod
Friesen, Anita
Hughes, Patrick
Jones, Martha
Knorr, Lori
Laird, Bonnie
Lynch, Bill
Moon, Virginia
Muir, Jim
Polos, Donna
Sawchuk, George
Stoddart, Peter
Thomson, Bill
Varney, Jim
Wellman, Loraine
Wessel, Evy
Wood, Alanna

WORK, WORK, WORK: The Arrowsmith Gallery
Alligator, Abigail (Saanichton)
Antoine, Caroline (Vancouver)
Ashley, Cheryl (Protection Island)
Banana, Anna (Roberts Creek)
Boggild, Kriss ( Vancouver)
Broadhurst, Laurie (Parksville)
Campbell, Adele (Courtenay)
Campbell, C. (Ladysmith)
Clark, Christine (North Saanich)
Clark, Melissa (Langley)
Cook, Jo (Mayne Island)
Cruikshank, Bonnie (Ladysmith)
de Lavis, Robin (Hornby Island)
Dickson, R.M. (Hornby Island)
Ettinger, Jennifer (Vancouver)
Famous Empty Sky (Vancouver)
Friesen, Bill (Bowser)
Gerberick, Ken (Vancouver)
Gingas, M.A. (Burnaby)
Godsoe, Kevin (Burnaby)
Gray, Roxanne (Vancouver)
Hawkes, Kiku (Vancouver)
Holmes, Rand (Lasqueti Island)
Howard, Monica (Vancouver)
Hughes, Patrick (Celista)
Kanee, Mitzi (Vancouver)
Knight, Cimarron (Hornby Island)
Kwan, Lorraine (Vancouver)
Mabie, Don (Nakusp)
Mailarta, Studio J. (Victoria)
McConnell, Jeanette (Vancouver)
McNulty, Don (Coquitlam)
Milne, Nonny (Comox)
Mulvin, Wesley (Mayne Island)
Noir, Mark (Hornby Island)
Parnell, Felix (Vancouver)
Parnell, Marsh (Vancouver)
Pitch, Marcia (Vancouver)
Rankin, Shae (Hornby Island)
Reid, Carole (Nanaimo)
Rivera, Candice (Vancouver)
Roberts, Dale (Victoria)
Sakolsky, Ron (Denman Island)
Sim, Gary (Vancouver)
Simpson, Gregg (Bowen Island)
Singleton, Claire (Ladysmith)
Snappy (Victoria)
Spaxman, Helen (Vancouver)
Stake, Chuck (Nakusp)
Stewart, C.M. (Vancouver)
Stoyko, Cathy (Denman Island)
Suede, Lunar (Richmond)
Thomson, Bill (Burnaby)
Tycholis, Kathy (Vancouver)
Van Nimwegen, Mariken (Vancouver)
Varney, Ed (Courtenay)
Varney, Katie (Vancouver)
Vipond, Sarah (Hornby Island)
Wessel, Evy (Courtenay)
Wolff, Grace (Comox)
Wood, Alanna (Sechelt)