Presented by Oceanside Coalition for Strong Communities
Exhibition May 1 - 28 2006, Parksville BC
"A Festival of Labour & the Arts"
Text by Ed Varney (q.v.). Illustrated in b&w.
No ISBN, 8 page exhibition catalogue, pamphlet.
List of 124 participants and their mailing addresses.
Only artists with BC addresses are listed below.

Exhibition catalogue provided courtesy of Ed Varney (q.v.).


Almas, Valerie (Powell River)
Armstrong, Ken (Powell River)
Ashley, Cheryl (Nanaimo)
Austin, Lisa (Nanaimo)
Baldwin, Tiffany (Richmond)
Banana, Anna (Vancouver)
Baxter, Margaret (Victoria)
Bellix, Kaitlyn (Parksville)
Bernardo, Anita (Prince George)
Biden, Susanne (Gibsons)
Boggild, Kriss (Vancouver)
Bunard, Malinka (Vancouver)
Cameron, Wayne (Parksville)
Cosentino, Cindie (Errington)
Danielle (Victoria)
Dempsey, Lynn (Nanaimo)
Dennis, Concha (Denman Island)
Dives, Jackie (Vancouver)
Dodington, Judith (Sechelt)
Dunn, Ashley (Parksville)
EEPY (Port Coquitlam)
Ettinger, Jennifer (Vancouver)
Famous Empty Sky (Vancouver)
Flowers, Sally (Cranbrook)
Free Spirit Leisure Club (Powell River)
Friesen, Bill (Bowser)
Gatt, Joan (Powell River)
Gerberick, Ken (Vancouver)
Godsoe, Kevin (Burnaby)
Grenon, Joyce (Parksville)
Gringas, M.A. (Burnaby)
Hanson, Phil (Powell River)
Harris, Penelope (Vancouver)
Helm, Carie (Vancouver)
Hemenway, Kate (Vancouver)
Huyen Dinh (Richmond)
Jiye Kwon (Parksville)
Katz, Marci (Bowser)
Kobus, Tracy (Courtenay)
Kwok-Swan, Sandra (Richmond)
Lacsamana, Mitzi (Richmond)
Landry, Aaron (Parksville)
Lathrope, Sandra (Nanaimo)
Leavitt, D. Blair (Cobble Hill)
Litton, Elizabeth (Victoria)
Lucas, Harvey (Powell River)
Madill, Brittany (Parksville)
Maloney, Paula (Parksville)
Maskell, S. (Salt Spring Island)
Matheson, Samantha (Richmond)
McCullough, P. (Courtenay)
McDowell, Chris (Parksville)
McIntosh, Lynn (Coquitlam)
McNulty, Don (Coquitlam)
Mennie, Olivia (Parksville)
Mitchell, Trish (Vancouver)
O'Neill, Lee Sevcov (Maple Ridge)
Orriss, Lynn (Qualicum Beach)
Ovens, Kristine (Victoria)
Pang, Jessica (Richmond)
Paradice, Vicky (Qualicum Beach)
Pasch, Rebecca (Vancouver)
Porcher, Eric (Victoria)
Preninger, Margie (Parksville)
Pritchard, Martha (Qualicum Beach)
Quesnel, Margaret (Powell River)
Raworth, Jeanne (Powell River)
Reid, Carole (Nanaimo)
Roberts, Dale (Victoria)
Romanowich, Larry (Powell River)
Romkes, Lindse (Parksville)
Salter, Cameron (Parksville)
Sevcov, Dorothy (Nanaimo)
Simms, J. (Comox)
Stake, Chuck (Nakusp)
Su-Heon Ryoo (Parksville)
Tandy, Nadina (Gibsons)
Teasdale, Colin (Parksville)
Telfard, Paulava (Parksville)
Tipton, Lilla (Powell River)
Toad Hotel (Qualicum Beach)
Turner, Vickie (Nanoose Bay)
Tycholis, Kathy (Vancouver)
Varney, Ed (Courtenay)
Varney, Katie (Vancouver)
Vega, Mariah (Parksville)
Whitter, Gail D.(Trail)
Willis, Patti (Denman Island)
Wood, Alanna (Sechelt)
Yoonah Kwon (Parksville)