Colour linocut by Milton A. Parsons

LINO BLOCKS - A Handbook for Student Printers

This three-colour linocut was published on the front cover of the 1934 booklet on linoleum cutting, published by the Vancouver Technical School in a limited edition of 250 copies. Interestingly, this is the same image that was used on the 1933 cover of VANTECH, but it is mirrored, which means that the artist had to cut the lino blocks again for this publication. It is likely that the blocks for the 1933 cover image were used to print the design onto new pieces of linoleum, which would account for the mirror image.


Angus, Ronald
Bedford, Frank
Carnahan, Orville
Cocker, Ronald
Cummins, Jack
Duck, Thomas
Elliott, Lorne
Falk, Clarence L.
McAlpine, Walter
McLeish, Kenneth
McLenna, Reg
Mudie, William K.
Obokata, George
Parsons, Milton A.
Peacey, William L.
Sing Lim
Spalding, G.A.
Stevenson, George C.
Taylor, Robert J.
Watson, Edward
White, Walter

Linocut by Orville Carnahan

Linocut by Sing Lim

Linocut by Ronald Angus

Linocut by George C. Stevenson

Linocut by Ronald Angus

Linocut by Thomas Duck

Linocut by Sing Lim