VANTECH illustrations for WWII Honour Roll

These little World War Two vignettes (typically 1.5" wide x 2" high) are scanned from the 1946 25th Annual issue of VANTECH, the student annual of the Vancouver Technical High School. The drawings were used to illustrate the school's honour roll of students who had served in World War Two. Although the artist who drew these is not named, nor are the drawings signed in any way, it is possible that they were drawn by J.W.G. (Jock) Macdonald, an instructor at the school. He was thanked for his help with the "art selection" for the annual.

The aircraft carrier is most likely the H.M.S. Implacable, which visited Vancouver in October 1945. The annual has a short article about the Vantech rugby team playing a team from the Implacable, beating them 6-0.